Strata Management

What you should know about Strata Management

The team at Perth Property Solutions understand the legislation, technicalities and subsequent complexities of strata titles. We deal with the everyday needs of your strata company and assist it to make and implement good business decisions that protect your investment in the short and long term.

As your Strata Manager, we ensure:

  • Adherence to By-laws
  • Common property is properly used and maintained
  • Implementation of resolutions from Strata Company meetings
  • Proprietor applications and requisitions are dealt with
  • All insurance is compliant
  • Responsible financial management of your strata company
  • Company records are current and complete
  • Meetings of the Strata Company are planned, organised and recorded
  • Communication with Proprietors, Council and all others is handled professionally and information distributed accordingly

To protect your Strata Asset, please contact us today.